Made in «Narbutas International» (Lithuania)
WIND unites ergonomic features, functionality and unique design to create more comfortable and productive workplace. It is the best option for people who usually spend most of the work hours sitting in the office and values convenience.

"The inspiration for this product was born from the desire to create a simple but very versatile chair. In addition, we felt the need to give this product a decisive character - an element defining its identity. It is the lumbar support made from a transparent and flexible material, with a given non-technical but, in contrary, almost anthropomorphic form, pleasing to the eye, as clear as the wind setting the sails in the sea or making the tree leaves tremble. Thus, a technical element supports the back with the same natural touch."

WIND has an easily recognizable transparent lumbar support, which is not only a nice accent for the chair, but is also adjustable in height and adapts to the shape of the users back due to the silicon elasticity features to provide exceptional comfort.

WIND encourages an ergonomically correct sitting position and provides the functionality you need.

Adjustability features
The weight-sensitive synchro mechanism provides full comfort and meets the needs of today's dynamic workplace. Automatically corresponds to the user's weight and movement when leaning back - does not require any manual adjustment. 

Height adjustable lumbar support adapts to the form and the pressure of the human back. 

Fixed or depth adjustable seat.

Fixed or 2D / 3D adjustable armrests. 

Headrest with height and 30° angle adjustment.

Simple to adjust intuitively. Control options allows the user to personalize and achieve long-term comfort through few manual adjustments.

The variety of upholstery materials allows the user to create different combinations and customize the chair to his/her needs or office interior solutions, therefore WIND can be easily integrated into modern workplace.