Made in Bejot (Poland)

Partner chair was created with a view to a comfort and good mood of users and creating a good and functional working space. A simple form, high ergonomic qualities , a wide range of upholstery colours and low price make “Partner” an ideal chair for work. Application of practical technological solutions like among others Synchronous mechanism and adjustable armrests and as an option :
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Height adjustable backrest
  • Seat depth
Allows of comfortable seating during long hours of work. The collection is complemented by conference chairs with 4-leg or cantilever frame

Specially moulded seat, made on the basis of plywood padded with foam. Upholstered with fabric or leather. In standard seat depth adjustment. 
Available adjustments
  •     Seat height adjustment
  •     Seat angle adjustment
  •     Seat depth adjustment
  •     Backrest deflectiona nagle adjustment
  •     Adjustable lumbar support
High, ergonomic profiling provides a stable support for the spine. Carried out on the basis of foam-padded plywood , upholstered in fabric or leather. The chair can be optionally equipped with adjustable lumbar support and backrest height adjustment that allows of adjusting the chair to the height of a user. 

Available in 3 options
  •     P48 – adjustable vertically – with asymmetrical soft armpad made of TPU – cantilever in 3 options – nylon black, aluminium, polished aluminium.
  •     P49 – adjustable vertically – with soft PU pad (moveable longitudinally) - structure: nylon balck, aluminium,    polished aluminium.
  •     P11 – adjustable in 3 dimensions: up-down, front back, rotationally. Soft TPU armpad.
L- synchronous mechanism enabling seat and backrest deflection, seat depth adjustment and 3-position seat angle adjustment.

Base options
06 – 5-star plastic base – black (diameter 670 mm)
09 - 5-star metal base, powder painted (diameter 670 mm)
08 – 5-star base made of polished aluminium (diameter 670 mm)