Made in «Narbutas International» (Lithuania)
 ARCIPELAGO Wood has been designed by the Italian design studio Baldanzi & Novelli Designers. Aesthetic design, smooth shapes and natural elements bring a sense of warmth to the office.

It is a great meeting and work space solution for any office. This lounge seating is ideal for multiple uses: brief tasks or longer work sessions, meetings, teamwork or relaxation.

Baldanzi & Novelli Designers who created ARCIPELAGO Wood compares this piece of furniture to an island which offers a natural retreat. ARCIPELAGO Wood high panels serve as barriers shielding employees from background noise while comfortable seating creates a laid-back and private environment.

The seating unit can accommodate a monitor screen for convenient presentation of information during business meetings. The table is equipped with a power socket with integrated USB type A and C connectors for any work devices to make sure you never run out of energy.

The use of natural elements and specific colours has a positive effect on productivity and mood of employees. ARCIPELAGO Wood is a harmonious combination of oak veneered plywood and upholstered elements. Our wide colour palette allows you to choose colours that best fit your office style.