Made in «Narbutas International» (Lithuania)
Design - Design by studio “Baldanzi & Novelli Designers” | Italy
ARCIPELAGO - a modular lounge seating system with endless possibilities.

Design category winner of i-NOVO AWARDS 2016

Create modern and functional office or public spaces with ARCIPELAGO:
  • Individual workspaces
  • Waiting and lounge areas
  • Separate meeting spots in an open office
  • Open space meeting areas
ARCIPELAGO is suitable for different spaces of various types and sizes due to 3 different height levels and combination flexibility. High-back option will provide you with more privacy and acoustic comfort.

Variety of fabrics, colours and the possibility to combine will help you to set the tone for your office. Seat and backrest cushions can be easily removed and swapped places.

Choose from standard fully prepared compositions or create your own with modular elements for individual combinations. Modular combinations of ARCIPELAGO system are easy to assemble, disassemble or reassemble.

ARCIPELAGO system is complemented by well-considered accessories to meet the needs of the user. You can choose a table with or without integrated double power socket, which can be easily mounted between the seats; a mobile table and armrest with two power sockets. The accessories become handy especially when you need to use your smart devices and to charge them. The time you spend waiting, in a meeting or engaged in mobile working can be comfortable and productive.

Release your creativity with ARCIPELAGO!