Free Standing

Made in «Narbutas International» (Lithuania)
Divide up your office any way you want, all the time, everywhere with the acoustic screen system Free standing. This is a mobile room divider which blocks unwanted looks and sounds.
Free Standing acoustic panels are filled with noise reducing material which can be covered with wool felt or polyester fabric. The thickness of the panels is 38mm. Panel can be stood on feet or feet with wheels. Customers can select from: white, dark grey and metallic colours.
Functionality of the screens and opportunity to choose different colors suit various customers’ needs. Also, 'Felt Wool' accessories can be mounted to the panels.
The acoustic screen system Free Standing is a flexible room divider with all sorts of advantages which can be installed anywhere.

Free standing screens:
L=80, H=140 cm;
L=80, H=160 cm;
L=80, H=180 cm.

L=140, H=120 cm;
L=140, H=140 cm;
L=140, H=160 cm.

L=160, H=120 cm;
L=160, H=140 cm;
L=160, H=160 cm.

Linkable screens supplied with "Velcro" strip:
L=80, H=160 cm;
L=140, H=160 cm;
L=160, H=160 cm.