Desk 760

Made in «Narbutas International» (Lithuania)
The acoustic screen system Desk 760 shields you from the busy world more effectively and also leaves an opportunity to see colleagues and communicate without boundaries. This is an excellent choice for those who want to reduce the general hubbub.
Desk 760 acoustic panels are filled with noise reducing material which can be covered with felt wool or polyester fabric. The thickness of the panels is 3,8 cm, height above the desktop 53 cm and depth 100 cm.
Functionality of the screens and opportunity to choose different colors suit various customers’ needs. Also, ‘Manade’ and 'Felt Wool' accessories can be mounted to the panels.
Desk 760 acoustic screen system can be mounted on:
  • 2,5 cm thickness desktops;
  • 140 cm or 160 cm length desktops;
  • NOVA, AIR, Easy, OPTIMA G systems – single workplace tables.
The acoustic panel system Desk 760 encourages efficient work and makes a space cozy!