The Selva collection constitutes a response to the need for better comfort of work through improving acoustic conditions in open-space offices.
The SELVA sound system comprises three collections of various purposes:
  • free-standing screens,
  • wall panels,
  • suspended ceiling panels.
This makes Selva a complete system that enables shaping acoustics in rooms, and, consequently, reducing various acoustic defects inside rooms.

Free-standing screens are used to insulate against any undesired sounds and – similarly to road screens – they reduce noise, protect us against any direct acoustic waves from the sound source. They are particularly suitable when placed between workplaces and for insulating sound generated by noisy office equipment. Specialist laboratory tests prove the efficacy of Selva screens, which considerably reduce noise (by 8 dB in average) and this reduction is perceived by the human ear as the noise reduction by almost half.
The positive test effects were proven by the results of sound attenuation research conducted for office screens according to the standard PN-ISO 10053:2001 by the Technical Acoustics Laboratory of the Department of Mechanics and Vibroacoustics, AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow.
By applying additional and specially-selected fibrous structures, free-standing screens not only insulate sound, but they also absorb it and, consequently, they positively affect the acoustic parameters inside the room, e.g. they reduce the unpleasant sound reflection inside the room.
Thanks to their interesting range of colours, various shapes of the screens and design bases, your office equipped with Selva screens will have excellent acoustic features and the amazing appearance of a modern and cosy interior.
Selva acoustic screens may be applied as single elements or arranged at the user’s discretion. The system of screens is easily arranged and may be re-arranged quickly at any time, depending on the needs. This system makes it possible to easily and quickly arrange offices, conference rooms, libraries, schools and other public utility spaces. Selva free-standing screens have two functions: acoustic (excellent sound insulation (screening) and absorption parameters) and arrangement (the possibility of separating / dividing the workspace positively affects the users’ comfort and, consequently, their efficiency).