CAVE as a symbol, a place that provides shelter and brings people together. A place where you may discuss your action strategy.

SOU FUJIMOTO considers a cave a naturally formed space that may be adapted in a way that fits every need and requirement.

In CAVE employees learn how important they are for their organisation; it meets our needs; it gives a feeling of security and brotherhood; this is a perfect place to discuss what else has not been materialised yet, that is preliminary ideas.

CAVE was designed by Dymitr Malcew, a Polish designer with international experience who lives and works in Singapore. Dymitr’s approach is based on experience created through designing and blurring boundaries between workplace and home.
The original idea of the CAVE designer was to meet human needs:
  • integrate employees at meetings;
  • become a perfect place for strategy planning;
  • create a save place for business talks; 
  • focus the team’s attention on any discussed topics.