Quadra Phonebox

Quadra is a system of modular seats with a virtually endless number of possible arrangements. Out of several simple modules and walls, we can create a cozy space for work, or, using open sets, improve the functionality of traffic passages. In areas which are full of noise, the acoustically passive Quadra Phonebox will give you moments of quiet and concentration. It provides perfect insulation from the noise surrounding you.


Two versions are available:
skid-shaped bar construction. Felt skids are optional (QD PB).
large rotatable wheels with brakes (QD PBR)

A case construction lined with thick foam and upholstered with fabric. It is possible to upholster the individual components with various colours of the same fabric.

Backrest and seat
Upholstered with fabric. A bottom-open case construction lined with foam.

A frame structure filled with a passive-acoustic fibrous cotton structure and upholstered with fabric (various colours available for the same fabric)

A decorative embroidery thread in a contrast colour (in case of two different fabric colours, the colour of the thread is consistent with the colour of the other fabric).